Animated baseball plays
Playname: Outfield single center field, bases empty
Single Center Field: No runners or runner on 3rd

• p: Stay near the mound and back up any throw to 2nd Base
• c: Cover home plate
• 1b: Make sure the batter touches 1st Base, and then cover the base inside
• 2b: Go to 2nd Base to take the throw
• 3b: Cover 3rd Base
• ss: Go out to be the cut-off man for 2nd Base (line up between center fielder and 2nd Base for the cut-off throw)
• lf: Back up center fielder
• cf: Field the ball and throw it to the cut-off man. If the cut-off man is out of position, throw to 2nd Base
• rf: Back up the center fielder
Play submitted by: Kai Hübner
Sub categories: Fielding, Game situation, Defense

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