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Playname: 3 station live infield
Live Infield Drill (3 Stations)

Station #1:  Basic Infield

• Field the ball and throw the runner out at first.
• Ignore the runner on third.  DO NOT THROW THE BALL TO HOME PLATE.
Station #2:  Running Home to First Base
After the coach hits the ball sprint down to first base in foul territory.  
• Sprint through the bag.
• Do not dive because it doesn't get you there any quicker.
• Listen for the coach to say, "Run hard" or "Round the bag".  Coach will say round the bag only if the ground ball gets through the infield.
• The first base coach will have a stopwatch. The coach will tell you the time after running through the bag.
Station #3:  Running 3rd to Home
Before leading check the infielders to see what depth they are playing at.  Score on grounders to players positioned deep in the infield.  Know who is deep and who is shallow.
• Hold the bag on balls hit back to pitcher or at third base.
• Freeze on a line drive.
• Take off on a contact play or with two outs in an inning.

Submitted by: Chris Dulavitch

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