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Playname: Double (cover) play drill

This fielding drill is called the "Double play drill".

You will need a catcher, two players at 1st base, and the remaining players evenly divided at the shortstop and 2nd base positions.
The coach hits a ground ball to the SS position, the 2B player runs to 2B and then pivots and throws to 1B.

The two players then go around to the end of the opposite line they came from.
The second baseman catches the ball thrown to him from the shortstop, and then pivots...
...and makes the throw to first base.

Once everyone has had a chance to field at the SS position the coach then hits the ball to the 2B position, the SS covers 2B, then pivots and throws to 1B.

Once everyone has had a chance to field at 2B the coach then randomly hits the ball to either the SS or 2B position. The two players at 1B rotate positions every three catches. The second player at 1B acts as a backup for overthrows.  

Use this drill to also get used to covering second from both sides.
Submitted by: Eric Aldhizer
Sub category: Throwing

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