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Playname: Pop fly ball between home and first base in foul t
Players :

• P  pitcher
• C  catcher
• 1B first base
• 2B second base
• 3B third base
• SS short stop
• LF left field
• CF center field
• RF right field
• X Runner

Pop Fly Ball Between Home and First Base In Foul Territory.
Runners On First And Third Base.
Pitcher - Covering Home Plate
Catcher - Attempt To Field Fly Ball
First Baseman - Attempt To Field Fly Ball
Second Baseman - Runs To Cut-Off Position
Shortstop - Covers Second Base
Third Baseman - Covers Third Base
Left Field - Back Up Possible Throw Made At Third
Center Field - Back Up Possible Throw To Second
Right Field - Back Up First Base

Play Was Layout By Steven C. Foraker
Submitted by: Steven C. Foraker

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