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Playname: Underhand toss drill
Run similar to the four corner drill, but at a shorter distance.  

This drill can be used to help with both the actual toss, as well as conditioning.  

With 6-8 players, you can introduce a second ball at the opposite corners.
1. Player with the ball starts by running toward the player he intends to toss to.
2. Player with the ball tosses the ball by making a quick, but hard underhand toss to the player he intends to toss to.  The goal is to have the ball hit the target between the center of the chest and the eyes and the follow through should consist of the tossers hand being extended high toward the target (around eye height).
3. The player tossing the ball should follow his toss by holding his hand out at eye height toward his target and running toward his target to replace him at that station.
4. These steps are repeated from station to station.
5. This drill should also be done in the opposite direction.
Continue around the horn.

Submitted by: Brent Moore
Sub categories: Throwing, Warming up

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