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Playname: 1st-3rd fake bunt steal
• Runners on 1st and 3rd

• Infield playing double play depth
• As the pitch is thrown the hitter squares to bunt
• The runner at third breaks hard toward home
• The runner at first does a straight steal

• First baseman yells "GOING" and breaks home to help cover the bunt
• Second baseman rotates to cover first while short sees the runner coming and begins to cover second
• Third baseman yells "GOING" and covers the bag
• The catcher is prepared to cover the plate on a Squeeze play.
• The hitter pulls back on the bunt and lets the pitch go through
• The runner at third retreats back to third
• The runner at first is 2/3 way to second before the catcher realizes the Suicide Squeeze is not in play.
• Second base has been stolen without a throw from the catcher to second
• The runner at third must be careful to watch the catcher

•      If he throws to second immediately, he must be ready to steal home
•      If he throws to third, he must be under control enough to get back to the back safely.

• It is really important for the hitter to square as soon as the pitcher begins his motion.
• It is also really important for the hitter to try to block the vision of the catcher by squaring over the plate and pulling back at the last possible moment.

• This play works best with a left-handed hitter up because they naturally block the runner at first.
Submitted by: Gary A. Larson
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