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Team Bunting Drill

Teach hitters how to put a bunt on the 3rd base side in a competitive environment.

8 minutes (per complete rotation)

12 or more players
• 16-20 baseballs
• 4 or more bats
• 1 complete infield
• 4 field markers

• Put 4 pitchers on the mound, one facing each base.
• Each pitcher needs 4 balls.
• Break hitters into groups four groups of 2, and assign them to a base.
• Let the hitting teams give themselves a MLB name.
• Designate a triangular zone and circular hotspot that each of the bases.

• Each team will receive 4 fastballs from the stretch position.  
• 2 pitches for each hitter.
• Coach will give the command, "Set....Deliver" so the drill is in sequence.
• After the 4 pitches have been delivered, pitchers rotate to the next base.
• Hitters are responsible for bunting EVERY pitch, even a ball.
• After the pitchers complete 1 rotation, the drill is completed.
• Hitters are responsible for bringing the balls back to the pitcher.

0 point for balls outside the zone.
• 1 point for every bunt landing in the "ZONE".
• 3 points for every bunt landing in the "HOT SPOT".

The team with the highest score wins.

Submitted by: Gary A. Larson
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