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Playname: All in one
This is called an all in one drill because you can work on multiple skills at the same time (pitching and pick-offs, catching and throwing out stealers, base running, holding runners on and receiving a throw on a steal).

The drill uses a pitcher, catcher, 1B, 2B and 2 base runners.

1. The pitcher has 10 pitches, 6 of which must be thrown home and the other 4 are thrown to 1b in an attempt to pick-off the runner.  The pitcher decides when to throw over to 1b.
2. The base runner at first is watching the pitcher and either dives back to the base or steals second based on the pitchers movement.
3. The first baseman is holding the runner on 1b and works on tagging the runner on pick-off plays.
4. If the pitcher throws home, the runner steals, 2B covers the 2b and the catcher tries to throw the runner out.
5. The next base runner steps in and the drill continues.
6. After 10 pitches, you can rotate players around so they can work on multiple positions.
Submitted by: Scott Lubow
Sub categories: Pitching, Catching, Base running

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