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Playname: Softball bunt defense
Base Defensive Formation

Pitcher throws pitch.
Batter shows bunt.

ALL infielders yell "BUNT"

3rd, Pitcher, and 1st charge towards bunted ball.
2nd baseman covers 1st base.
Left field covers 3rd base.
SS covers 2nd base.
Center field backs ups SS.
Right field backs up first.
Catcher charges ball.

Pitcher receives ball.
1st base ducks.

Pitcher throws to 1st base which is being covered by 2nd baseman.

3rd baseman moves back to 3rd base.
Runner is out.
2nd baseman throws the ball back to pitcher.

Players return to base formation.
Back in base defensive formation.

Ready for next hitter.
Submitted by: Brian Gorniak
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