Baseball plays and drills
Playname: Black 3-3-6-4 defense
Situation: Pick off lead runner at 2nd base.  
(Runners on first and second)
Play starts with a pitchout.  
All movement begins with the release of the ball

P pitcher - Pitchout with fastball, high and outside.
• C catcher - Receives pitchout and makes hard throw to 1b
• 1B first base - starts to charge, and then quickly moves to baseline and intercepts throw from catcher.  Rapidly wheels and throws to shortstop covering 2nd base for pickoff.  IMPORTANT: Runner on second may have already broke for third.  Make throwing play to third then
• 2B second base - Breaks to cover first.
• 3B third base - Breaks back to third.
• SS shortstop - breaks to second for pickoff.
• LF left field - Backs up play
• CF center field - Backs up Play
• RF right field - Backs up Play
Submitted by: Rich Ruggiero
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