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Playname: Bunt coverage special
"Special" Bunt Coverage - Used when game is on line, suicide squeeze is expected - want/need to get out at home.  This allows for play at 1st base also (in case run at home doesn't end game).

P:  Crashes and covers in front of mound.

C:  Fields ball right in front of plate, otherwise stays home for the throw.

1B:  Crashes - tries to make play at home.

2B:  Crashes and makes play at home, or covers 1st base.

SS:  Holds runner close at 3rd so he can't get big jump.  Crashes middle infield to try for play at home.

3B:  Crashes - tries to make play at home.

LF:  Starts shallow and comes in to cover 3rd.

CF:  Holds runner at 2nd, crashes middle infield.

RF:  Starts shallow and backs up 1st in case of throw.
Submitted by: Jon Garn
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