Baseball plays and drills
1st & 3rd defense
Playname: Early steal of 2nd
Runners on 1st and 3rd.

Runner on 1st breaks early for second to induce balk or confusion allowing runner on 3rd to score.
Pitcher steps BACK off rubber and throws ball to 2nd baseman covering base.
2nd baseman WALKS towards runner forcing him back to 1st while watching runner on 3rd.
If runner on 3rd stays put, 2nd baseman throws ball to 1st for putout on runner 2
If runner at 3rd gets too far down line or breaks for home, 2nd baseman runs at runner 3 or throws home.
Runner on 3rd is caught in rundown and put out at home or 3rd.
Submitted by: Frank J. Paprota Jr.
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