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Playname: Infield cut
This is mainly a little league or fast pitch softball play.

The situation is:

1) 1st & 3rd...Less than 2 outs.

Batter Runner 1 will be looking to steal on the next pitch in an attempt to draw the throw to 2nd base enabling Batter Runner 2 to score from 3rd.
SS (#6) will begin "Creeping" in as the pitcher begins the wind-up.

On the wind-up BR 1 will take off for 2nd with BR 2 taking a lead and WATCHING the motion of the catcher (#2)

Note: Be Aggressive in cheating up the SS, keep in mind that every foot the SS comes in is 2 less feet the ball has to travel.
Catcher (#2) will come out of the home position and fire the ball to the SS (#6) as the BR 2 is breaking for home, therefore conceding the stolen base at 2nd.

Note: 3rd base coach on the throw from the Catcher (#2) will be mostly looking to see if the throw is going past or over the pitcher then sending the runner home.
SS will fire home to C in time for the tag out.
Another variation has the 2nd baseman cutting accross the infield on the wind up, taking the throw from the catcher and then throwing home for the tag out.
Your Out...Again
Submitted by: Steve (Zezman) Smith
Sub category: Throwing

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