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Playname: Look back
Runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs.

Batter hits grounder to pitcher.

When pitcher gets ball he should look directly at the runner on 3rd.  This should freeze the runner for a moment.

If runner continues toward home the pitcher can throw ball to catcher for the out.  If the runner freezes (stops) pitcher should have plenty of time to get the runner out at first.
Pitcher has ball, looks at runner on 3rd

Runner freezes -
Pitcher has time to get runner out at first.

If runner on 3rd tries to score after pitcher tosses the ball, 1st baseman should have time to get the runner at home.
In this case the runner from 3rd stops midway.  Now the pitcher should run directly at the runner.  DO NOT throw behind the runner (towards 3rd base).  If you do this, the runner will break for home and score.

Pitcher runs directly at the runner, make the runner commit, in fact when the pitcher runs at the runner he should be more towards the home plate side.  Want the runner to run back towards 3rd.  If done properly the runner on 3rd will be out.

When the runner breaks toward 3rd or home the pitcher should be able to toss the ball to that base and get the runner out.

The key is making the runner freeze and running directly towards the runner.
Submitted by: Stanley Fleming
Sub category: Game situation

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