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Warming up
Playname: Warm up drill 1
WARM UPS (Practice 1)

Equipment:  (1) 12 baseballs (2) 3 batting tees (3) 3 bats

Drill One:  Throwing Progressions (7 minute station)
Partner's throw back and forth to warm up arms.
Start out at 15 feet apart.  After 10 throws apiece move to 30 feet apart.  After 10 throws apiece move to 60 feet apart.  After 10 throws apiece move to 90 feet apart.  TOTAL THROWS = 40 (ARMS SHOULD BE LOOSE THEN)
Move to batting tees after throwing station.

Drill Two:  Batting Tee (7 Minute station)
Partner's take turns hitting baseball off of batting tee.
• Emphasize keeping head still when swinging.  If the head is still the chin will go shoulder to shoulder during swing.
• Coach should also check that the players are holding the bat at the base of the fingers:  NOT IN THE PALMS OF HANDS. Holding the bat in the palms of the hands decreases bat speed.  Bat speed = power.
• Each partner should take a round of 10 hits.
• Move to throwing progression after batting tee.

Players sit on bench for explanation of next drills.
Submitted by: Chris Dulavitch
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