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Defense bunt
Playname: Wheel bunt coverage
• Bunt situation

• Ideally the hitter will try to lay the bunt down the 3rd base side to force the 3rd baseman off the bag, freeing up the backside for the runner on second to advance.

• The shortstop must keep the runner at second close before the play even starts.  SS must be chatting in the runner's ear to let him know he is there.
• Shortstop continues to mess with the runner.

• Smacking his glove, saying, "BACK, BACK."

• The closer the runner is to second, the easier he is to double up.
• Shortstop rotates INFRONT of the runner, obstructing his view.

• This is the moment both 1st and 3rd basemen begin to break toward home ready to field the bunt.

• Pitcher sees the runner is "missing" and delivers the pitch.  This delay by the runner at second will hold him there a split second longer.
• Shortstop begins SPRINTING to cover 3rd.  If the play is tipped off and the runner at 2nd is smart, he can race alongside the SS to 3rd and we have blown the play.

• 2B begins to break to cover second in case there is a chance for a double play.  

• There is no need for a fielder at 1st right now.  However, if the ball is fielded by the 3rd baseman, 1st baseman should return back to 1B to cover the bag.
• Runner at 1B gets a secondary lead and waits for the ball to be bunted.

• Pitcher begins to charge home along with 1st and 3rd basemen.
• 2nd baseman arrives at second.

• Short is almost at 3rd.

• The 3 fields covering the bunt have the "net" almost closed.

• Runner at 1B secondary is large.
• The net is set.

• 2nd and 3rd are covered.

• Runners can't advance.
Submitted by: Gary A. Larson
Sub categories: Fielding, Game situation

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