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Playname: Wild pitch
This coverage deals with a wild pitch/passed ball with a runner on third and any other runner on base.

It could be runners on 2nd and 3rd or the bases loaded.
The pitcher delivers the pitch and the ball gets past the catcher.
The pitcher covers home as the catcher chases the ball.  The catcher will attempt to throw the runner out at home.  

In case the catcher's throw gets past the pitcher, the first baseman, second baseman, and third baseman charge to about the depth of the mound and back up the catchers throw.  They will try to align themselves with the plate and the catcher.  The shortstop will cover third base.

The left-fielder will back up third base.  The center-fielder will cover second base.  The right-fielder will back up second base.
If done properly, if the catcher's throw gets past the pitcher, it will be fielded by one of the infielders and no other runner will advance.
Submitted by: Tom Shilling
Sub categories: Fielding, Game situation

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