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When the view tab is selected the sketch and the text of the current drill is visible.


At the top of the window there are, quick options to open, save or creating a new play.


The ribbon bar has the following buttons and information blocks:


copy-24        Copy the text and place the text on the clipboard.

Copy image 24        Copy the sketch and place the sketch on the clipboard. Short cut CTRL+I or Shift+CTRL+I for a double sized sketch. With the anti-alias option on the export tab options page anti-alias can be set on or off.


Sketch pen

When an animation is paused you can sketch on the image to emphasize a point. The width and color of the sketch pen can be set here. The sketch can be cleared by clicking with the left mouse button outside the play.

eraser-24        To delete a sketch you made, press the eraser button.


Drill/Play info

Information about the play, how many players and pucks are needed, how long should the drill take and the rating of the drill/play.



add-play-24        Add the selected play or category to the plan. Short cut CTRL+L



lock2-24        If the program isn't registered the unlock button is visible,  to open the activation window.



At the left side the available plays and drills are shown.

There are 5 different play types available (drills, plays, formations, templates and other), which can be selected by clicking on the buttons at the bottom. the header will show the selected play type.

In the play type you can then select the category followed by the play or drill of your choice.


By right clicking on a play you can copy, delete, rename or give it one or more tags.

By right clicking on a category (one level above play) you can copy, delete or rename a complete category


When tags are available the tag filter is visible at the top is visible.


At the bottom you can use the Play, Pause, Stop, Previous and Next button to navigate through the play.


When more than one sequence for the current play is available the program will calculate the movement of players and pucks to their new position.


Checking the sketch box will animate the play with sketches, the play will pause whenever a new sequence starts.


If the Loop box is checked the play will run continuously until Pause, Stop or Cancel is pressed.


The best results for an animation are obtained by using numbered players and not to many coaches and pucks.

Also keep in mind that the program only calculates straight-line movement.


Note that in high resolution you will need a fast computer to achieve good results with full screen color animation.