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Playname: Bunt defense 2
Bunt Defense Two

Runner on 2nd
Runners on 1st & 2nd

3rd Baseman Covers 3rd
• SS Covers 2nd
• 2nd Baseman Covers 1st
• 1st Baseman Charges
• Pitcher Covers 3rd base side
• Catcher Covers front of plate
• RF backs up throw to 1st
• CF backs up throw to 2nd
• LF backs up throw to 3rd

Defensive Design:
Lead Runner Out

Option Two:
Get out at 1st
Decision Number One:
If ball bunted hard to first baseman and it is fielded cleanly take a shot at the lead out.
• Fielder cannot hesitate with his decision.
Decision Two:
If the ball is bunted softly the fielder must take the out at first base.
• If the fielder hesitates with his decision he must take the out at first base.
• If the fielder bobbles the ball he must take the out at first base.

The fielder should listen for his team to call the base to throw to.  Usually the catcher will make the call.
Submitted by: Chris Dulavitch
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